Jaroslawicz Law Offices has extensive experience in drafting and, when the need arises, enforcing contracts and all types of commercial agreements. Our individual and corporate clients frequently request that we review, draft and revise commercial contracts. When we are asked to prepare a contract on behalf of our client, we draw on our considerable experience in an attempt to ensure that the instrument complies with all applicable state and federal laws. Similarly, if a contract dispute arises, we are both aggressive and creative in our attempts to advise our client of all rights and remedies available to it under existing law.

When we aid our clients in drafting a contract, we seek to create a binding and enforceable agreement, which endeavors to minimize the threat of litigation if disagreements arise. In the event litigation is unavoidable, the knowledge we have gained from our experience in crafting commercial agreements and in actions to enforce these instruments provides us with a unique perspective, which allows us to provide our clients with quality representation.